Our prices are based on various factors such as the dog breed, coat and coat condition, disposition, frequency of grooming, type of haircut, etc.
we can give you a price estimate prior to scheduling an appointment but this estimate may vary due to the conditions we see on site.
we charge for our time and expertise and if the grooming service will take more or less time than expected, final price may be above or below the estimate.

Our state-of-the-art van is totally self-contained. equipped with a powerful quite generator that produces all the power we need to operate the AC, dryers, tub, lights and more. we do have a “shore-line” cord we can plug in a power outlet as a backup option.
Our water come from a pre-loaded 55 gallon fresh water tank that gives us enough water for all of our day’s needs. the used water are drained into a grey water tank that is emptied at a dedicated site.

Due to insurance regulations we are unable to allow our clients to stay in the van with their dog during the grooming process, moreover, your pet is much more likely to move a lot and be over excited when you are there – which may harm our efforts of making sure your pet’s visit is as pleasant and safe as possible

please call us for more information or questions.

As we are doing dematting in some cases, if an extensive part of your dog is matted we will advise you to trim it in order to prevent unnecessary discomfort or pain to your dog.

coat grows back and the health of your pet is by far more important than aesthetic reasons. the best solution to prevent matted coat is brushing on a regular basis.

We are working during the day as well, just like the most of you, and arrangements for a key, front or back yard or garage code are not a problem at all.
Just let us know where the dog or cat will be and we will make sure your pet will wait for you clean, tidy and well groomed.

We accept all major credit cards, cash and checks (only from returning customers).
At the time of payment, gratitude is optional if you think the grooming service was good and up to your expectations.

We work from Mon-Sat 8:00AM-6:00PM.
however, for special circumstances or request we may come earlier or later than our usual ours.

life happens and sometimes we all have to change plans. however, we ask you to let us know at least 24 hours before the appointment.

because we are mobile and driving to our clients, we are only grooming a certain number of pets in a day.

We do our best to show up on the time scheduled. however, some delays are unexpected such as road conditions, traffic, mechanical problem, the last dog groom took longer than expected, etc.
We try to give a time window of 2 hours and do our best to show up within that time frame.
We can send you a text message when we are on our way to you.